Hospital Chaplains and advice about going into hospital

Going into hospital

Message from our Hospital Chaplains

It is now more difficult for members of the clergy to request information regarding your stay in hospital, including which Ward you are in. This is now regarded as confidential information and will not readily be supplied to any caller without the specific permission of the patient. Also, staff on wards will no longer be allowed to say who is on their Ward if people make a general enquiry.

If you are admitted to hospital and would like a member of The Chaplaincy Team to visit you:

Please inform the Chaplaincy Department which ward you expect to be on and when you will be there, if you know in advance that you are going into hospital.
Specifically inform a member of the ward staff that you would like to be visited by a chaplain ensuring that you state which denomination you belong to. Otherwise, it could be that you may not see a chaplain as you may be asleep, having treatment or they may not even know you are in hospital.

Inform your relatives about your wishes concerning visits from a chaplain if you are taken into hospital unexpectedly. Your relatives can then notify the Chaplaincy Department should such an event take place.