Ministries in General

A ministry is a work of service to an individual or the community. Some ministries are public and organised, like being a Catechist or a Minister of Holy Communion; some are more private and spontaneous like visiting a neighbour or praying for the sick. Some ministries are not obviously ‘religious’ like helping with maintenance or gardening, but are just as necessary.

Liturgical Ministries

Many people are involved in the preparation and celebration of the Mass and other liturgies. Up front are readers and ministers of communion, musicians, singers and altar servers. Less high profile are the welcomers, collectors and children’s liturgy leaders and behind the scenes are the sacristans, flower arrangers, cleaners, bidding prayer writers to name but a few. There’s something for everyone and if you’d like to be involved please contact Fr. Pat or The Parish Office for more detailed information.

Note that ministries involving contact with minors or vulnerable adults require a CRB check and disclosure form as part of our safeguarding procedures. These ministries are appointed by the clergy, but enquiries from interested people are always welcome. Training and support is given and we are working towards periodic review of all those in volunteer ministries.


To be a catechist is challenging, rewarding and a great privilege. The handing on of the faith to the next generation through teaching and witness is a responsibility we all bear. Catechists receive training and support and periodic review with the clergy. Much catechesis is focussed around preparation for the Sacraments with both children and parents. There’s also work with adults preparing to be baptised or received into the church, or to be married. An area of continued development is general adult faith development and faith sharing groups. Again, for more information please download a Volunteering Form (link needed) or speak directly to one of the parish clergy.

Note that catechists involved with minors or vulnerable adults require a CRB check, references and a disclosure form as part of our safeguarding procedures. Catechists are appointed by the clergy, but enquiries from interested people are always welcome.

Children’s Liturgy

Childrens liturgy …. what is it?

The Liturgy of the Word for Children (to give it its full title) allows young children to experience the Mass in a different, child-friendly way. It takes place during the first part of the parish Mass, when the children are taken out to the sacristy to hear a children’s version of the gospel story. There is also a drawing activity, a song and a prayer. We aim to engage the children in the gospel story, so that they are attentive to the Word of God, and have a chance to respond to it in their own way. The children return to the main church at the Offertory, and remain by the altar for the remainder of the Mass.

When is it held?

Children’s Liturgy now takes place in the parish of Christ the King twice a month. At the 10:00am Sunday Mass, it is held on the 3rd Sunday of every month except August. At the 6:30pm Saturday Mass, it is held on the 1st Saturday of every month except August. Occasionally, these dates clash with some other parish event, which make it inappropriate for us to hold Children’s Liturgy on that day. In these cases we will postpone it to the next week if possible. Any changes to the dates will be announced in church and in the parish newsletter.

Who can come?

Children’s Liturgy is most suitable for children from about 5 to 9 years, who have not yet received their First Holy Communion. Younger children may come along if their parents feel they are ready to benefit from it. It is a good idea, in the case of younger children and also older children who lack confidence, if they are accompanied to Children’s Liturgy by their own adult. Otherwise, most children come on their own and they all enjoy taking part in something a little bit different. Whilst Children’s Liturgy is very suitable for children who are preparing for their First Holy Communion, it does not take the place of the preparation itself which is provided by the parish Eucharistic Programme. Details of this may be obtained from Fr Pat Madden and from this website.

Many children who have made their First Holy Communion choose to become altar servers, and will thus participate in the adult liturgy each week. Some children who do not altar-serve continue coming to Children’s Liturgy and their services as helpers to the younger children are very highly valued.

Any other questions …

here are leaflets at the back of the church with further information and a registration form. We ask that all children who attend Children’s Liturgy be registered, in order to fulfil the diocesan requirements for Child Protection. Alternatively, just come along to the next Children’s Liturgy !

Charlotte McKenna (Children’s Liturgy co-ordinator)