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The 12 step spiritual program of recovery offers many people struggling with different types of addiction the hope of recovery along with experiencing the peace and joy of living one day at a time. The members of any 12 step program never judge anyone for their failings but offer unconditional love and acceptance. These character attributes are activated by love, humility, and honesty. The follow on from this is the discovery of power in powerlessness where the Holy Spirit infuses inner peace and serenity.

This tells us a lot also about the identity and mission of Jesus. Jesus was that servant whose coming was foretold by Isaiah and which we heard of in the first reading and whose mission was to bring sinners back to God. He did this by not condemning them and keeping his distance from them, but by befriending them. He believed in them. He saw goodness in them. The Lord put them in touch with their own goodness. Through his own luminous goodness he evoked goodness in them.

Our blessed Lord befriends us too. He puts us in touch with our own goodness. And once we are in touch with our own goodness, we find that God is doing for us what we cannot do for ourselves. But not only that, we also find goodness in others and help to bring out that goodness.

Fr. Pat Madden

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